Meeseva NOC Application Form

Meeseva NOC Application Form

Download Meeseva NOC Application Form

The District Collector,
Hyderabad District,
ABIDS, Hyderabad.


Sub: - Issue of No Objection Certificate - Request
- Reg.,

I Sri / Smt __________________________________ S/o
D/O W/o ___________________________,

Construction Premises House No _________________ St
reet __________________________________ ,
Locality _________________________ , ______________
_______ Village, ______________________

Mandal. I am the absolute owner and possessor of th
e e said property to an extent of ____________ Squa
re yards by way of Register Sale Deed / Release / Will
Gift / settlement / Partition / G.P.A Document

Number _________________ executed by Sri / Smt ____
S/o D/o W/o _________________________________ in my
Except me there is no other owner or persons. I am
in need of No Objection Certificate of the
above said property, which is required for taking p
ermission from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal
Corporation for construction of my house.
Hence, I request Sir to kindly issue the No Objecti
on Certificate.
Thanking you Sir.
Yours faithfully, Enclosures:
1) Sale Deed / Release / Will Gift / Settlement / P
artition / G.P.A

2) Link Documents from 1976 (Attested)

3) Affidavit on Ten Rupees stamp paper (Notarized)4
4)Bank Challan

5) Site Sketch plan prepared by licensed surveyor

6) Self addressed envelope with stamp for postage