Meeseva Food security Card Transfer application

 Meeseva Food security Card Transfer application

Download here Food security Card Transfer application.
The Food security Card Transfer application Form will be like below download the form and fill all the details and attach required documents:

Food security Card Transfer application:
Food Security Card Transfer
Request Details
FSC No*: _______________________________________
Applicant Details
District*: Mandal *: __________________________ village/ward *: ________________________
FSC Transfer Details
 To District *: ____________________ to office*: _______________________________________
 House No. to be *: ______________________ Landmark/Locality/Colony *:___________________
Religion: *: ______________________ social status *: ______________________
If Gas Connection is available*: yes No if is
Gas Connection*: _____________________ Gas Company Name*: ________________________
Consumer No*: ________________________ Gas Agency Name*: __________________________
Informant Name*:
Informant name*: _____________________ Mobile No*:_________________________________
Delivery Type*: Manual
Documents List
(NOTE: 1. All Upload Documents should be in PDF Format only 2. Each file should not exceed 50KB)
1. MeeSeva Application Form*
2. Address proof enclose*
Applicant’s Signature